Project proposal

Hi folks

Anyone interested in this project? Give me a shout, thanks and best, Yannish

How can we develop and implement truly sustainable neighbourhoods, cities and city regions?

This is an ambitious proposal to develop a holistic approach combining research capacity and practical action to address the above question in a small number of selected areas. The breadth of the question means that a number of parallel strands of activity will occur together with key stakeholders combining their strengths, linking up policies and practices alongside key community initiatives and assets to explore meaningful change to the complex solutions which have proved so hard to address to date.

For example, this project will consider the following areas alongside each other, and this may expand as the project develops:
the role of town planning combined with the use of the one planet checklist as a visioning tool for urban areas and permaculture design methods to develop more holistic city plans
organisational psychology in the public sector
how to best support scaling up of grassroots networks and activity
community participatory engagement to harness the power of local communities

The project is currently seeking:
collaborators – people with ideas, energy and enthusiasm
hosts – city regions where existing partnerships can support this work
funding – given the translational and innovative nature of the project a broad range of funding sources will be explored