leeds radical herbalism/Shut Down Yarls Wood

Hey 🙂
the newly formed leeds radical herbalism network (hello!) are currently
organising for the 1st leeds radical herbalism gathering Sat 17-Sun 18th
Feb-please save the date!
*Want to be part of organising the gathering? next meeting is Sat 28th
*Want to put on a workshop/discussion etc as part of it?
All the details can be found here
Also…thinking about people & permaculture, in case you don’t know
already, the next shut down yarls wood demo is Sat 18th Nov. book your
ticket/donate on link below. Leeds No Borders offer free tickets to
people without papers/seeking asylum but to do this we need as many
people that can afford it to buy the full price ticket/donate if you
can’t come yourself.
What is Yarls Wood?
In Yarl’s Wood 400+ women are indefinitely detained, most of whom have
experienced rape, domestic violence, torture, forced marriage, sexual
abuse, FGM, persecution due to sexuality. Many of whom have long and
deep connections to the UK, have been here most of their lives, have all
their family and friends here. Many have children; some are pregnant,
elderly, disabled, sick and have mental health difficulties.
Yarl’s Wood has been exposed time after time in undercover
investigations, government reports, inspectorate reports, and inquiry
findings for sexual abuse/harassment by guards towards the women.
Undercover footage by Channel 4 news showed the brutal, racist attitude
of the guards.
These demonstrations keep Yarl’s Wood on the national agenda, they make
it clear that there is only one solution – SHUT IT DOWN