Last plant identification through patterns workshop of the year – places left!

Hello forest gardeners and botanising buffs,

After a couple cancellations, I’m looking for a few spaces to fill the last
workshop of the year on plant identification through patterns. It runs this
Saturday 8th July 10am – 4pm at Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden,
with lunch included. Yum! £15 – £30 depending on income. Read the info
below, and if you want to book a place, please send an email to
bedfordfieldsforestgarden(Replace this with the at sign)

Happy July and hope to see you,


*Plant identification through patterns: an introduction *

The last workshop of the year runs on 8th July from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Oi oi what’s it all about?

This workshops will equip you with the tools so you can start identifyinga
plant anywhere in the world and will enable to you to teach yourself and to
use a plant identification book confidently.

This workshop can help anyone from complete beginner to those able to
comfortably identify individual plant species through previous experience.

The special thing about this workshop is that it teaches about plant families
and their patterns so you can quickly identify a family and thus its genus
level (usually most necessary for foragers) and species level (sometimes
very necessary).
If you are familiar with these patterns and with flower parts then this
workshop won’t be suitable for you.

The workshop will run as follows:

– An introduction to plants. You will learn how to use all your senses and
your understanding of the variety of plants will be widened. You will look
at all parts of the plants, from roots to shoots to fruits.

– An introduction to plant families: you will learn at least 8 major
plant families
in the garden and how they can be identified to at least family level very
quickly with a few combination features. This will allow you to start to
identify around 15000 species of plants around the world. You will have
time to familiarise yourself with some species and genera within the
families – it’s always good to have a few plants under your belt.

– There will be lunch provided and a lunch break – usually in the middle of
learning plant families. YUM

– Identifying unknown plants and reinforcing plant family knowledge. We’ll
have a go at being resourceful i.e. collecting as much knowledge as much as
we can with our newly acquired skills to start identifyingunknown plants.

– You will go home with a booklet of key plant I.D information containing
the plant families you learnt, a list of resources, some nice pictures of
plant parts and a guide to annoying botanical terms.

Other details

Please, if you have it, bring a copy of Rose’s ‘The wildflower key’ and a
hand lens. There are spares though so not to worry if you don’t have one.

Cost is 15 – 30 pounds depending on income. This is a spectrum from
unemployed/concession to part-time to full-time employment. We will however
not turn anyone away so please get in touch if you can’t afford the
suggested price.

Lunch is provided but with no dietary requirements in mind. Please get in
touch if you have a dietary requirement.

Please note: We would love one helper who can help set up in the morning
and pack down afterwards. If you will to do so you can have a free place in
the course. You would help 30 minutes before and 30 minutes afterwards, so
9:30 to 16:30.

Please note also that Ben is also happy for experienced identifiers to
shadow him. Please get in contact about this possibility.

To book a place or for more information

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL. Call/text 07922513704 or email
bedfordfieldsforestgarden(Replace this with the at sign)

Payment is cash on the day or by direct bank transfer. We will send bank
details upon confirmation of your booking.

The workshop will take place at Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden and
the directions can be found on our website –

Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden, Woodhouse Cliff, LS6 2HF.
*Please note*, we are usually only around Mondays and Tuesdays so it may
take time to get back to you.
For all enquiries, please email bedfordfieldsforestgarden(Replace this with the at sign) or call
Get all the info on our website, including latest events: