Do you want some free publicity for Apple Day activities?

Can I repeat last year’s request please….
On 21/07/2016 13:00, alan wrote:
> Fellow permaculture designers and practitioners,
> I’m producing a printed map/guide to the apple day events happening in
> October. Thousands of these will be distributed at our Light Night
> pop-up orchard on 7 October. I already know of events being planned in
> Headingley, Swacliffe, Kirkstall, Woodhouse, Cottingley, and
> Middleton. I’d love to see many more events included celebrating the
> fruitful abundance of our city. So if you are planning any event,
> however small that could be loosely called an Apple Day event during
> the month of October please let me know so it can go on the A3 colour
> map.
> In abundance,