Bedford Fields community forest garden

Who are we?

Bedford Fields Community Forest Garden is an open access garden in Woodhouse, LS6, that aims to educate people on how forest gardening can be a viable alternative to food production, resilient to climactic and social change. We aim to educate volunteers and the local community about forest gardening and wider enviromental issues through workdays, workshops and discussion. We believe in the ‘urbalisation’ of our cities – ‘bringing rural life to the city’.

About half an acre of land in total, we have over 100 species of edible plants and a mixed species hedge planted and fenced off as a wildlife corridor leading to Woodhouse ridge. Last year we welcomed around 80 new volunteers and would like to welcome even more this year.  Last year, most interestingly, we  installed our shelter, classroom and hub – the ‘Bedford shed’ and completely landscaped the bottom of the garden, building an 11-metre long hugelbed in the process! If this sounds like the kind of things you’d like to learn them do come on down to one of our workdays or workshops. The workshops we ran last year included:

  • Plant Identification: Learning from patterns
  • Foraging
  • Introduction to Forest Gardening
  • Mushroom cultivation and ecology

The Bedford Shed

With our new shelter we are looking for green groups to use the space. If you would like to use the space on a one-off or regular basis please contact us (details on how to do this below). The shelter boasts lovely heating and an off-grid electric systems for lighting.


Please go to and click on the ‘events’ page for the most up-to-date info, especially if the following information look woefully out date:
WORKDAYS until end of April 2016

Workdays generally run on Friday or Saturdays from 11:00am till sunset and we aim to provide you with a hot lunch, travel expenses, tools, gloves and smiles. If you have special dietary requirements please contact us beforehand. Come to a workday to meet our regular team and to learn about the huge harvesting potential of the garden.

Saturday 26th March February 11am till sunset – the last workday in March where will be  planting LOADS of plants far and wide. Learn how to plant quick and in our signature forest gardening way.

Saturday 2nd April March 11am till sunset – we will no doubt be propagating and dividing our plants this session, so if you missed the last session and want to know how to do this, come on down.

Saturday 9th April 11am till sunset – Expect to be mulching, planting, propagating, nibbling, playing a game, discussing, weeding, and learning (of course!). Come join the fun

Saturday 23rd April 11am till sunset – Expect more mulching, planting, propagating, nibbling, playing a game, discussing, weeding, and learning.


‘Foraging Foundations’ workshops – Sunday 27th March and Sunday 3 April 11am till 4pm.

Come learn a variety of techniques to start foraging quickly, efficiently and intuitively, even in the city. Click on the calendar event dates for more details.

Meditation in the Shed

Come join in a guided and group meditation every Thursday for 4 weeks starting from April 14th.

What’s forest gardening

Forest gardening is about encouraging your garden to behave like a forest – to think about gardening in 3D by incorporating trees, to encourage life in the soil, to make it is easy to maintain and to benefit people and wildlife whilst producing a yield. We plant for the whole system – plants that add fertility, plants for wildlife like birds and pollinators,  plants that we can eat, use for medicine, or anything else while keeping the soil healthy and storing carbon for long term future use. For more on Forest Gardening see

For more information

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Email: bedfordfieldsforestgarden(Replace this with the at sign)

Phone: Ben on 07922513704

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Directions from Hyde Park Corner

If coming from Leeds city centre, turn right at Hyde Park Corner crossroads down Woodhouse Street. Take the second left up Woodhouse Cliff and Bedford Fields is on the left after the road bends, behind the tall hawthorn hedge.