Apple Day at Bedford Fields Saturday 12- 4pm

Hello fellow Gnomes and apple juice lovers,
After super fun apple day last year we’re back again for more apple juice
pressing and sharing. Please come and join anytime for apple pressing and
general forest gardening merriment from 12-4pm Saturday 14th October. We
will be, amongst celebrating everything apple:

Drinking hot apple juice, food, apple juice pressing, doing tours of the
garden, selling surplus plants and much more .

Do you have surplus fruit that can be pressed? Bring any surplus you’ve got
to Bedford Fields and we will press it, distributing it to whoever’s there
and of course, to you who brought it! Don’t forget to bring something to
put apple juice in:)

There’ll be a wee fire 6pm onwards once it gets dark for even more
merriment, so bring some food, smiles and music making for that too.

There should be some fooded and a donation tin towards Bedford Fields so we
can drink super fresh apple juice for many years to come.
Send an email or give us a call if you have any questions on


Tell anyone and everyone to come and get some lovely apple juice!